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About MVS

This site is for singers who want to learn the correct way to sing.

A good singer is…

simply a person who has established good singing habits over time.

Why take lessons?

Imagine that you are a world famous singer about to perform for a stadium filled with 10’s of thousands of people. Does that thought scare you? Motivate you?


Singing can be considered as one of the highest forms of expression and communication.

-Message from Ashton-

Hi my name is Ashton Moore and welcome to Moore Vocal Solutions. I have spent my entire adult life dedicated to being a vocalist. Whether it be through personal instruction, coaching and directing choirs, or performing in concert halls with some of the greats in jazz. My goal has and will always be to help as many people as I possibly can feel happier and have more confident singing experiences. And now, I want to help you.

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